Need a US address?

Have your packages sent to one of our addresses!  We accept packages from UPS, FedEx, and USPS.  
Only our Malone location can accept freight shipments. 

COVID Related Info- We are only able to receive parcels for customers who can currently pick them up weekly or, if they live in Canada, have them forwarded to them in Canada. We can no longer receive any further parcels for customers without prior arrangement to have them picked ed up. We do not have the storage capacity .

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Please note that we are a pickup facility and cannot accommodate longterm storage.  If you do not contact us with prior arrangements for a late pickup, packages left for more than 30 days will be discarded. With prior arrangements for a late pickup, additional charges may be implemented. Due to the demand of the season, during the month of December we can only hold packages for 10 days. 


PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE SHIP TO NAME YOU PUT ON THE PARCEL IS THE EXACT NAME YOU REGISTERED WITH US!  Using different last names, or an initial, or your partners or children’s names, or even something like “Mike” instead of “Michael” makes it more difficult for us to contact the appropriate person of arrival, and to locate your packages in a timely manner when you arrive here.  We strive to make our system and store as accurate and secure as possible.  For the same reason, do not address your package to "The Shippin' Shop" or
“The Ship-It Shop,” or use our phone number as your own.  Because mistakes happen, we recommend that you bring any tracking numbers you have been given when you come to pick up your parcel.


Our prices for boxes are $3.50 (0-29lbs.), $5.50 (30-69lbs.), $11 (70-114lbs.), $16 (115lbs and up) - or dimensional weight thereof...a package could weigh little, but be large and you will then pay on the size of the package.  Tires are $5 per tire.